South Korea Cyber Command Attack

South Korea Cyber Command Attack or Malware

The world is now looking auspicious at the Cyber command attack on South Korea by the North Korea. This could be the latest cyber-attack against Seoul. This actually happened in September but Seoul have confirmed its intranet hack to be on last December 6.

South Korea Cyber Command Attack

The Malware contamination at the intranet server of cyber command attack has brought the leakage of some military documents, including confidential information. Also the military agency of South Korea suspects North Korea for latest online infiltration. The cyber command has isolated the affected server from the main network to prevent the further leakage until solving metadata about all the leaked documents.

This is officially, the first occurrence of the South Korea’s cyber command attack being compromised. Officials believe the intrusion are from Pyongyang, based on the similar codes used before. Both nations have accused each other of inciting cyber war always.

Cyber attack was through Vaccine routing :

South Korea Cyber Command Attack
South Korea Cyber Command Attack

A malicious code has been found and it seems to have taken advantage over vaccine routing server. Television stations and banks were also have been attacked by the same country during the last March.

Pros of North Korea :

Since 2000, Pyongyang has tested nuclear weapons and missiles as bargaining chips. They have always shown there excellence in nuclear weapons, now they are ready with their uniqueness in powerful cyber attack. The number of cyber attacks by North Korea over, The South Korean critical infrastructure has rapidly increased over the past ten years. North Korea’s cyber attacks not only limits to South Korea, they also attacked US critical infrastructure and us society.

Sony pictures of US was once hacked by North Korea which made the world once know the capability of North Korea. The military power of North Korea was far too weak than US and South Korea. To cope with these nations North Korea came up with an asymmetrical strategy for their military. Which includes three pillars: Surprise attack, quick decisive war and mixed tactics. This cyber attack includes their surprise attack.

Even though the development side over the internet and technological parts in the country is not going good. Since 1990’s, North Korea invested in training the cyber experts for hacking, attacking, exploiting , destroy or delay the public and private critical infrastructures of other nations like US and South Korea. So we can wait for more cyber attacks in future.

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