Xiaomi Mi A1 review - an iPhone Clone with Android Os

Xiaomi Mi A1 review | an iPhone Clone with Android OS ?

Xiaomi New is Fully Clone of iPhone or Not know here, Just read full details about the Xiaomi Mi A1 review.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review

Get the complete Xiaomi Mi A1 review here. Know about the Xiaomi Mi A1. Get to know if this is the clone for iPhone with the Android OS. The phone specification is very strong in this price range, peoples are feeling very happy with this mobile. Check the camera, processor, memory, speed, Android, body and battery backup.

an iPhone Clone with Android OS?

Most of the budget smartphone lovers love Xiaomi products for there sleek design and features under holdable price tag. But many still dislike the MIUI applied on top of the Android OS. Mi A1 is the answer for those people. The Xiaomi’s first complete Android One product is really a grip for the people with the budget at $220. The Android One product with the stock version of Android OS.

Xiaomi Mi A1, the highest profile Android One product with the best hardware combo is the best buy in today’s market. Unlike other Mi products, the A1 supports few of the LTE bands.  The Mi A1 is being rolled out to nearly 40 countries and through Amazon and Google promotion, it gets more sale.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review

Xiaomi Mi A1 review - an iPhone 7 Plus Clone with Red Color
Xiaomi Mi A1 review – an iPhone 7 Plus Clone with Red Color ‘Photo from – mi.com

The Xiaomi always sticks to the Apple Mobile Phones and they include all the features from the iPhones. The Mix1 and Mix2 were kept aside, showing something new in Xiaomi products.  The Newly released A1 is a complete clone of iPhone. They copied the design of iPhone 6s and 7 together. The design copy includes the pentalobe screws at the bottom and the antenna lines seen in the iPhone 7 too.

  • Xiaomi Mi A1 Budget Smartphone

The iPhone copy product Mi A1, a flagship product in case of build quality and the aluminum body makes it luxurious than the price of $220. The solid clicky side buttons are further made up of aluminum. Just like the iPhone, even Mi A1 provides a loud burst speaker at the bottom with headphone jack and the USB-C type charging slot.

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Notwithstanding the latest layout of the back, home, recent alignment of the on touch buttons at the bottom of the screen, they still hold on to the older style of painted buttons with the recent, home, back alignment. Further, the home button-icon is still the old-school style, without any changes.

  • Xiaomi Mi A1 Specification and Phone Features

The Xiaomi Mi A1 includes the fingerprint reader, no NFC, it comes with the IR blaster and the microSD slot. The IR Blaster helps in remotely controlling different devices like television, etc. The superfast fingerprint scanner resides behind the phone at the center. The left side is taken for the nano sim and micro SD entry. A1 is a Dual Sim Handset.

  • Mi A1 Display

The Display provided by Mi in A1 implies the brighter 5.5-inch 1080p LCD. Moreover, the RAM includes $GB, ROM includes 64GB and the 3040 MAH battery.  Still, the processor is weaker, having the Qualcomm chip, Snapdragon 625 SoC.  Owing to the 625 version, they use the Cortex A53 base-design for the CPU Core.

  • The Camera (Photos and Videos)

Xiaomi Mi A1 review - an iPhone Clone with Android Os
Xiaomi Mi A1 review – an iPhone Clone with Android Os

The New Xiaomi Mi A1- triggered with 12 MP dual camera. One of the sensors provides a wide-angle view with a f/2.2 lens and the other with a telephoto snapper with a f/2.6 lens. The telephoto lens provides better depth effect in portrait mode and it gives the best shot.

  • Xiaomi Mi A1 Review android Version Update

The Android One Mi A1 comes with the Android 8.0 Oreo. The Android Oreo comes with hell lots of facilities thus one does not have to rely on third-party applications. The Google assistant is still available with the “OK Google” for the Android. Unlike other mobile manufacturers, Mi has added an extra application called feedback, where the users can directly send the feedback to manufacturers.

Xiaomi Mi A1 provides monthly updates for security and other patches from the Android with the seamless update. The Google announced that Mi A1 will be the first Android One smartphone to receive the update to upcoming Android P. The Xiaomi Mi A1 comes with the unlockable bootloader, thus making anyone load whatever they want in their Mi A1.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review

The Official Mi A1 Video from the Mi website.

In this Xiaomi Mi A1 review and specification now you got the A1 is fully an iPhone Clone with Android OS or not. In the Pictures and videos, you can see the design of this phone. If you have any query so you can ask in the comment. The Phone is best for the budget Smartphone. The battery backup and body is too good, also the product processor is very powerful.

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