Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Review price features

Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Full Specification Review Price Features

Know about the New Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Full Specification, Review and Price with all Features. Buy the best emergency light for all times(Study, Cooking, Bedroom etc…). The Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp designed to reduce flickering with intuitive brightness and color temperature adjustments. The minimalist design makes it the sexiest desktop lamp.

  • Price of Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp

    [quote]The international price is about $50. Price in India: 3000[/quote]

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Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Design

  • Minimal Design, But Effective :-

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he part of the lamp containing the LED’s can be moved around the fixed stand with a metallic joint.The lamp in the opened position (with the led bar horizontal) has a max length of 45 cm, is 45 cm high and the circular base has a diameter of 15 cm. The bottom is fixed with an anti slip pads.

  • There is some contrast in the finishes of the parts:

Some are glossy, others are satin finished with a more matte look. The base is satin finished except a small surface in the base where the knob lays, which is glossy. The knob has a satin finish.

The Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp is made up with two metallic rods. One is fixed to the base while the other can be tilted. The lamp can be tilted at the most 135 degrees. The lamp also works in its closed position by supplying a diffused light.  The tubes are made out of aluminum and the base is of quality Matt plastic, which does not attract any fingerprints.

Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Review

Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Review price features
Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Review price features
  • Body of Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp

The led light is manufactured in cool and warm white LED’s in an alternated sequence. To provide your desired CW, NW or WW beam. The beam is wide and quite long. It enlightens well a whole desk and most of a big table.Even then, there are no artifacts, the beam is very smooth.

  • Body and Color of Desk Lamp

The lamp comes with a knob in its base part. Press the knob to turn on/off the lamp, rotate the knob to adjust brightness. Press and rotating the knob changes the color temperature and on double clicking, it turns on the focus mode. Apple-like power plug and some nice extras like a cable management clip, makes it beautiful.

  • Apps for the the Xiaomi Desk LED Lamp

Using the Yeelight app in Xiaomi and Xiaomi Home app in android and i-OS, the Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp can be connected to your smartphone via WiFi.

  • Features of Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp

With the app you can access to 4 modes:

  1. Focus mode: you can set a focus duration time and a rest duration time. After the focus time has passed. The lamp will change the color temperature, to inform you that the focus time is end and you are in the rest phase. After the rest time has passed, the light will change the color temperature. This is useful to rest your eyes after a long time at the computer or on the books.
  2. Concentration mode: 100% brightness and 6500K.
  3. Read mode: 100% brightness and 4000K.
  4. Night time reading mode:  A dimmer and warmer version of the read mode.
  5. PC mode: 30% brightness, 2700K. This is useful to reduce the amount of blue light that the computer screen emits. Leading to, helping prevent cause some problems at the eyes and at the circadian cycle.

According to Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp can produce up to 300 lumens of brightness, which is bright enough for reading books comfortably. Also, the Mi Desk lamb is cool without emitting heat even after usage of an hour or more. If you want to buy the lamp so you can buy from the official website of MI.

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