Xiaomi Mi VR Play review Features specification

Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset Specification Review Price Features

Know about the Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset full Specification, Review, Price and all Features, The new MI VR play price is too good according the features. If you want to buy the VR Box so you can preaches form MI’s official website. Now you can teleport to anywhere at no time with the growing technology, Virtual Reality.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play review Features

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  • Price of Xiaomi Mi VR Play

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play has been brought up with the cheapest in mind on 11 December 2016. Cheap in the sense has not degraded the product but it is best in that range.

[quote arrow=”yes”]The international price is about $16, Unlike other high end VR devices costing around $99. Price is India only 999.00 Rupees [/quote]

  • Xiaomi Mi VR Play Design

Xiaomi Mi VR Play lacks many sensor. Mi VR Play is built simply to better the experience of holding few cardboard and lenses to the customer’s face. Mi VR is a better option that provides top functionalities than any other cardboard based VR headsets available currently. The company has included Anti-reflective lenses to ensure that the Mi VR Play provides clear images through Aspheric lenses.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play lacks a track-pad like high end Gears. Leading to  Bluetooth controller  for the Mi VR.  A navigation button is attached on the top of the VR, with a circular design.

  • Experience of The Mi VR Play headset

Mi VR Play headset is the easiest way to experience immersive theater or cinema experience with compatible smartphones and headphones says Xiaomi. Mi VR is Google Cardboard compatible. Thus, many apps and videos are available. Some interesting apps that you can experience include YouTube VR app for 360-degree video content almost a host of games like VR Theater.

  • How To use or Apps for Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset

Xiaomi has launched Mi Live app, with Mi VR to provide a new live streams experience with the contents sourced from the local content creators. Also this app comes with panoramic videos, 2D ,3D video library with weekly updates.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play review Features specification
Xiaomi Mi VR Play review Features specification

It is very easy to slot in any 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch phone(including apple products) to use as the headset’s display/processor/VR library by unzipping the front and resting the device on two pads of VR. Dual front opening supports ventilation and adjustments even after zipping.

  • The Body and Colors

Xiaomi Mi VR Play is light and Lycra in a nice finish with various colors. Unlike cardboard or plastic body, the Lycra fiber body keeps the VR light and makes it easier to wear for a prolonged period. The default color is black.

  • Drawback or Bad Points of VR Play

The headphone on plugging in can cause a slight discomfort that annoys in your head. Also, the non curved edges,  allows refraction of light from side-wards, which is major drawback of Xiaomi Mi VR Play.


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